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This photo is the proof of God's awsome power and His ability to answer sincere prayer (look in the trees on the top left side of the photo - the image is not crystal clear but unmistakable, you see the face of Jesus (beard and wavey brown hair) ..................

(The Story)

1982 - Pat and I were so thankful for the success of the Bluenote, together we asked in a prayer of thanks, ........." if your real Lord, please send us a sign of your true existence." ...... Jerusalem, Israel shortly after. While on our honeymoon, Pat & I took pictures of the alternate site of Calvary. When we returned to Canada and got the pictures developed we were amazed to find this snap with an image of Jesus right at the place He was crucified. How could this possibly be coincidence? (John 14:21) Whoever has my commands, he is the one that loves me and he will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and SHOW MYSELF TO HIM.

What a revelation and honour for my wife and I.


God Bless,                                                                                                                       
George Olliver