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* New *   Natural Gas

See Front Cover and Insert

Now available for the first time in years!  $35 (which includes shipping and handling). 

George Olliver/Slott Records has now just re-released the famous 1970 Firebird Album & Bill Board pick hit of that year  - "NATURAL GAS".  

The album has been digitally enhanced and re-mastered to CD and is classic George Olliver at his best.  Natural Gas was composed of George and 7 of the hottest r&b/soul musicians in Canada from that period.   

If you like BS&T or Chicago, you'll love this band which is legendary and received simultaneous pick hits in all the all the major world music trades of the day!!!


1. The All Powerful Man
2. What Do You Want from my Life
3. Live & Learn
4. Leaders of the World
5. Tribute to Rubber Boots
6. Eleanor Rigby
7. Dowanna be Left Outside
8. Ramese the 1st


George Olliver and Gangbuster - Live at the Bluenote!

With Special Guests:

Dream Girl 



Produced by George Olliver, Engineered by Bob Federer, Recorded
& Mixed at Round Sound Studios, Mastered at Phase One Studios
1.*I Idolize You   2.*Hi Heel Sneakers   3.Give Me A Chance  
4.Lady I Used to Know   5.Reflections of a Man   6.Dream Girl  
7.*1,2,3 It's Easy   8.Please Don't Call   9.Can't Believe It's Real

All  songs except * written by George Olliver

Background vocals: Collina Phillips, Debbie Fleming, BJ Cook, Sherry Jacock, Peter McGraw,
Nick Cuccunato, Billy Ledster, John Rutledge, Dave Blameirs
Musicians: drums-Anthony Criag, Mike Sloski e-percussion-Anthony Criag, Steve Heathcote
Greg Critchly  bass-Lional Williams, guitar-Nick Cuccunato, Bob McAlpine  synthesizer-Grant
Slater  piano-George Olliver  sax-John Panchyshyn  trumpet & valve trombone-Rick Waychesko

Dedicated to Pat Olliver - my inspiration


George Olliver's Gospel Soul - "LOOK UP"

See Details - George Olliver Look Up


 Look Up
 Goin' To a Place
 He Saved Me
 You Are My God
 He'll Be There
 Create in Me a Clean Heart
 Caught Away
 God's Love
 His Amazing Grace
 In Him I'm Strong
 Oh Happy Day
 The Cost


Caught Away with George Olliver - Live at Unionville Alliance!