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Joe Passion – Sept 13, ‘09

Hey George,

Saw you at Oshawa Rib Fest Sept12/09.  Great show, you're still the Number One "Soul Man" of Toronto!

Joe Passion
web site -

Musician, Singer, Tribute Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Arranger.
home 905 840 7340
cell 416 986 3832 

Dan Sneddon – Sept 9, ‘09 

Hello George,

I just bought the Kitchener Blues Festival CD with your track, Amazing Grace, featured on it.  I hope you will be booked to perform at a club in the area soon.  The “Boathouse” is a hot venue in Kitchener. 

All the best,
Dan Sneddon 

Phil Policelli – Sept 7, ‘09

George it was a thrill to have you at my new spot, SKY LOUNGE, this past Sunday. Even on a gorgeous long weekend we had a great and enthusiastic crowd out.  What a show !!!  You impress me every time I see and hear you.  This was only a guest spot, with Jerome Godboo, but man I cannot wait to have yourself and Gang buster perform at SKY on Friday Sept 25th.

See you then and thank-you for that great performance !!!

P.S. Please resend your e-mail with any Promo Material I can use, to ensure a Sold out night at SKY !! 

Phil Policelli
Ph 905-625-9896  Fax 905-625-9214

Dan Sneddon – Aug 15, ‘09 

Hello George –  

It was great to see you perform at the Kitchener Blues Fest.  Hope you come back next year.  You, John Finley, and David Clayton Thomas have an incredible career history and were the highlights of the show this year. 

All the best,
Dan Sneddon-Wateroo

Bob McJannett – Aug 6, ‘09 

Hi George -   

What can I say, I promised my friends some great music and a wonderful party and you delivered!  You and Peter put on a terrific show, I have had loads of emails etc telling me how great you both were and how much fun everyone had. My personal highlight was you out front teaching the Georgettes all those dance steps.  As expected you truly went above and beyond! 

Oh and we raised over $1300.00 for Barth.  Please pass on my thanks to Peter.

Continued success with all your projects, Susan and I will be following your site for events we can attend.

Thanks again

Kath Mason – July 28, ‘09 

Hi, George;

For over 40 yrs. I have admired the power of your vocals as well as your projected sensuality.

I understand you may be performing in Kitchener in the near future;  I would love to attend, as well as have you sign my original album with Mandala.  To hear you belt out "All Powerful Man" would fulfill part of my r & r dreams ... can you tell me where and when?


David Classic – July 2, 2009 

Hi George its me EB from Natural Gas.  I haven't seen you in years but good luck. 


Doug Draper – May 16, ‘09 

Dear George -

There are some indications that there may be a re-release of The Mandala's only studio album, Soul Crusade, with extra single tracks featuring some of your great moments with that legendary Canadian group.  How wonderful it would be to have Opportunity, Give and Take and other tracks again on CD.  My wife was fortunate enough to have a dance with you during a break in your show many years at a venue in Niagara and it remains a nice moment for her.  Wishing you well and thanks for all the great moments of music going back to Toronto '67.  


Tom Bates – May 9, ‘09 

Hi, thanks for a rockin' good time at AppleJacks in Mississauga on Friday nite, we really enjoyed the show.   The horns were a blast (sorry about the pun!), but they were such a great addition to the show.  Every song was just perfect!  Can't say thanks enough for an evening of spectacular entertainment. 

Tom Bates   

Dan Sneddon – April 28, ‘09

Hello George,

I heard you are booked to play the Kitchener Blues Festival along with Jon Finlay.  "Great News" - cool as cool can be ...

I want to place an order for "Natural Gas" and the "Mandala" Soul Crusade CD.  Are the vocals on the Mandala CD yours or Roy Kenner's?

Dan Sneddon  

Jim Burns – April 18, ‘09 

Great show at the New Toronto Legion APR.4/09.  Brought back memories of the old Broom & Stone shows with the Mandala.  You have to perform more around the city, George.  Good R.B./Soul acts such as yourself and Donnie Meeker are hard to see these days.  Try to book your show into Tee Tee's Sports Bar on Brown's Line in Etobicoke.  It would be a sell out for sure.                                                           


Shawn O’Shea – April 16, ‘09 

Hi George,

I was talking to you the other week after your gig at the Waterfront, and wanted to remind you I'll be playing there (upstairs) Sat. May 2 with one of your old bandmates, Glen Olive (Glen says 'Hi'!). 

And I'm also hoping to get out there for your R & B revue on Friday . . but, if I get tied up at rehearsal, have a terrific gig ! 


Michael Johnson – April 12, ‘09 

Last night was a perfect blast!  Mashed potatoes with tons of gravy!!!!!!  


Jeff White – March 25, ‘09 

Love the site, the sounds and everything wholesome about your art.  I've been a fan since a teen and continue to be so. 

Way to go!


Dan Shaw - March 19, ‘09

Hi George-

Dan Shaw here - I have booked you many times over the years:  Club Juno, Monagues (in Oakville), Roc ‘n Docs.

Anyway I am now the General Manager of a group of pubs in Edmonton and have one 300 seat venue that I have transformed into a live venue-great room with a lot of potential.  This room would scream for the energy that you bring to a performance.  Any chance of you doing a west tour this summer?  If so, let’s chat.

Thanks a lot,

Dan Shaw
General Manager

Richard Ryce – March 9, ‘09 

Hi George

Happy to see you still got the music happening.  Back in the 60s my couzin Donny Ogilvie from Abitibi Street in Toronto taught me how to play guitar.  Of course I always heard about how you and Dominec and the Mandela were rocking Toronto. 

It’s awsome that you’re singing Gospel and have found faith.  I now live on Vancouver Island and am a member of The One Human Family Gospel Choir directed by Eric Dozier of Bakewell Tennessee. He also directed the Harlem Gospel Choir in the States and is very talented on the piano and singing. He’s got us Islanders singing like were from the deep south. Its been a life altering experience. 

I want to ask you to say a prayer for my dear cousin and your old friend Donny.  He is in a run down nursing home somewhere in Toronto and is very sick.  He has lost everything that he worked for in his life.  He can’t play guitar and can barely walk, and even has trouble talking. He is still a Man with dignity and never complains.  

This has been going on at this stage for a couple of years and its also taken a toll on his mind and spirit.  I saw him a year ago and I hope I get the opportunity to see him again this year.  In the meantime I pray for him every day.  So George, maybe a prayer from such a stable force like you might somehow help Donny find the Peace On Earth that every honest good man deserves. 

My name is Richard Ryce.  I live in Ladysmith B .  I’m on Facebook.  And can be reached at ,,,,,,or ,, Thanx I hope this gets to you... 


Terry Blankley – Feb 27, ‘09 

Hey George;

Thanks again for droppin' by yesterday and for your Prayers etc.  Feeliin' fine...

God Bless;

Adrian Biccum – Feb 13, ‘09 

Hey, my name is Adrian the guitar player from Downstroke, my friend Alex caught a show in Burlington a while ago and was trying to get a hold of me because you were missing your guitar player...
Sorry I missed the call, I would have come down to play, if you ever need a back-up guitar player, for any shows, give me a shout!  (905) 730-4446

Bob McJannett – Feb 6, ‘09 

Hi George

We were at Hughes room for both the Gospel CD release and last night with Gangbuster.  Thanks again for last night you amaze me with your energy. 

Bob McJannett 

Robert Lock – Feb 4, ‘09 


Saw you six or seven years ago with Grant Smith.  Any possibility of a soul reunion with Grant again?


Terry Schofield – Feb 3, ‘09 

Hey George, It was great seeing you again. Thanks for the CD. Absolutely love it! I think "Make it Easy on Yourself" could be a huge hit.

Brought back a lot of Bluenote memories. Great to hear Jayson King again.  Anyhow, thanks again.  Probably see you at the Pickering Jazz Festival. 

All the best, 

Lawrence Horsley – Jan 15, ‘09 

Hi George! 

We miss you!  I hear a B’Day Bash is on for Feb.  Pls send details. 

Lin & I are getting married in the spring/summer at our home Here in Toronto’s West end (Mimico) on Lakeshore Blvd. W. 

We were wondering if it is feasible for you to play It & join the Festivities, since we met at Sylvia’s Party at the top of the Palace Pier where you made an appearance & we went back to join you at the Casa Mendoza….way back when! 

It would be a backyard ffair … volume? … neighbours? ... players? ... timeframe? ... cost? ... groupies? ... how long? ... accommodations? ... 

What are your thoughts? 

Lotsa Love, 
Lin & Lawrence  

Lawrence Horsley
Real Estate Sales Representative
Sutton Group Old Mill Realty Inc. Brokerage 

Don Meeker – Dec 22, ‘08 

Can you pass this to George.  I am running a benefit for cdn forces vets…new toronto legion…(lakeshore)  

My band will back him up….along with horn section…lead by  Johnny Pantshyn …so all he needs to do is show up for one set… The gig is April 4th ….…. 

He knows me…Donnie Meeker 

So if he can do it let me know and what does he need to be paid for a guest appearance… 

Thx in advance.. 
Don Meeker

Ray Girard – Dec 8, ‘08


I simply want to acknowledge the wonderful entertainment and pleasure you have provided for me over the years, first before 1973 when you showed everyone how to do it right, then after I became a radio announcer in the Hamilton/Toronto area (between 1975 and 1994) and I even followed your progress in BC with Natural Gas, the album of which is one of my ultimates.  I just want to thank you for your courage, your energy and your power.    

I'm not religious but the Creator surely must be proud of his GO creation.
-ray girard-

Lloyd – Dec 3, ‘09 

George, thanks for the video with the horns in it.  I find lots of memories watching it from days back when.  I got started my music watching you and Mandala, Ronnie Hawkins, Bobby Washington, Down Childs and many more.

Once again Thanks
God Bless

Mary Thomson -  Dec 1, ‘09 

What a spirit filled performance by all George.  We purchased 2 of the Look Up Cd and certainly want more.  It was so nice to see the whole family out in support of such a service.  Amen.   We were very elated to be a part of it.

Thanks for the heads up George. 

God Bless You and keep up Gods work.  In this day and age or in any age for that matter it is so heartening to hear a positive message in praise of Jesus. 

You looked and sounded so so soulful. 

Your Sister,

Lloyd and Dean – Nov 30, ‘08 


Any idea when we can see you play with the horn section added.  Please reply if possible.                      

Lloyd & Dean

Drew Marshall Show – Nov 17, ‘08 

Hi George, 

We really appreciated you joining us on The Drew Marshall Show - 08/11/08.  We wanted you to have the direct link to the mp3 on our site. 

Should you wish to post this link on your website, we'd really appreciate the web traffic. I'm sure your web visitors would also enjoy listening to many other celebrity guest interviews archived on our site. 

For our records, please let us know if you will be posting this link as we need to keep track of which interviews to delete or keep.  We can then notify you when the link becomes inactive. 

Thanks again, 

Michelle Presley
Executive Assistant

Canada's Most Listened To Spiritual Talkback Program

Michelle Stuck – Nov 17, ‘08 

Hi George, 

Great seeing you in Burlington!  Please give my best to Pat.  Long time no see! 

Keep in touch. 
Michelle Stuck 

Lloyd – Nov 17, ‘08 


I recall this song, “Gas Light”, years ago. Did you ever record it and do you know where I might find it. 

Great job at Jersey's you still have it.                           


Vicki S – Nov 10, ‘08 

Hi Georgie: 

Thanks for making my pre-birthday little bash so much fun on Saturday, November 8.  As always you and the Gangbuster rocked and there's never a dull, dancing moment!  Thanks also for having me again as one of the Georgettes with Mustang Sally!  Looking forward to your next gig. 


Jay Knight – Nov 3, ‘08 

Used to catch your act (The Five Rouges) at the Gogue Inn (1966-67) and once at the Broom and Stone in Scarboro. Thought it was fantastic, best performance I had seen. I was a student at Sir Winston Churchill Collegiate ('63-68), and drummer in a local band and we played some of what we considered to be soul music, inspired by you. Thanks for all the great music and performances 

Jay Knight

Nick Warburton – Sept 19, ‘08 

Hi there,

A new book by Vernon Joynson has come out called Dreams, Fantasies and Nightmares From Far Away Lands Revisited, which covers Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, South African and South American rock music from 1963-1976. I am sure it's available on Amazon or will soon be available in a main library. 

I just thought I would let you know that it has come out as it might be of interest to you. If you want to make corrections or additions, Vernon's email is listed inside:

Best wishes
Nick Warburton 

Dan Sneddon – Aug 14, ‘08 

Hello George –

 I just read the list of your Music Productions and noticed the credit for “Doing it Right.”  I was at the Schneider Convention as a manger with the company when that theme was introduced. 

I can remember listening to that song and thinking there is only one performer I know of that can sing with that soul in his voice, George Olliver.  At the time nobody could confirm who the vocalist was and now I have my answer. 

I still have the poster that was handed out for that event …  Well done George with the “trademark” soul that goes on forever!!!! 

Dan Sneddon

Nadine – Aug 3, ‘08 

Hi George, it was great hearing you sing Opportunity at the Balmy Beach Club last weekend.   You looked and sounded terrific.   

Thank you. 

Mike Dawson – July 31, ‘08

Just a note to thank you for the performance at Harlow's last Thursday.  I couldn't sit still for one minute.

Mike Dawson 

Mike Angelo –  July 30, ‘08 

Hey George, 

Hadn't seen you before, but heard tons of good things about your show.  Thanks for letting me sit in on harp with you and Howard's guys last night.  It was a great front row seat.....though, I was behind you most of time : ) 

p.s. A friend of mine in Alberta was asking when you were updating your show schedule on your website. He's hoping you'll be out his way in the near future. 

Mike Angelo

Derek Stephen McPhail - July 26, ‘08 

(To Webmaster) :- 

I would be grateful if you would pass this brief message on to George;  as, currently, only my mac is up and running, but my email address is a hotmail account, so i can't leave a message on the guestbook. 

I had a great chat with George the other night;  when he put on a terrific show at the "Balmy Beach Club".  I bought a copy of his excellent new gospel soul cd, "Look Up";  which i have really been enjoying.

I played for years with an obscure blues band, called "The Uncles";  and, my various Canajun Blues cds are by my moniker, "Uncle Steve".  I thought George would be interested in checking out my latest Canajun Gospel cd, "Hunger of the Heart", at my "Uncle Steve's Beer Weazl Web Page", at

I wish him all the best with his Joy Ministries.

Over the past ten years, I have volunteered with a non-profit Aboriginal organization, called "Frontiers Foundation", head-quartered here in Toronto.  (

I am currently beginning production on my third promotional video, to help Frontiers with fund raising.  It would be nice if George might be open to discussing a collaboration on a fund-raiser.

For forty years, Frontiers has been giving small building grants for new home construction and home renovation projects, for the poorest of the poor in Canada, mostly off-reserve Metis people.

I am originally from Sault Ste. Marie and part Ojibwa and part Haida;  as well as, part Scots & French.

Thank you for sharing this with George;  and, all the best with your web meister work.

Happy trails,
Derek Stephen McPhail
aka "Uncle Steve"

Dave Hillsley – July 23, ‘08 

Hey George -        

This is Dave Hillsley from Vancouver. Glad to see you’re still rockin and in good health. John Aleksa was here sometime ago, said your doing fine. I remember playing  downstair,s at Duffy,s Tavern in Hamilton with you, John, and Jake Thomas in the early 70,s.  You know that was 35 year,s ago, man don’t she fly.  You and the boys were always a job well done, and that has stayed all these years.   

Well God willing I’ll send you one more e-mail in another 35 year,s and hopefully we both can see the monitors.  Keep up the great work !!!!!!                                  

From Vancouver,

Dave n Simba  My Great Dane    
Dave Hillsley 

P.S I have "The Answer" in it,s jacket up on the wall in my master room 

Elaine Harvey – July 20, ‘08 

My husband and I met on October 16, 1998, at Last Minute Larry's in Hamilton.  We were both there because we wanted to see George Olliver!!  We haven't seen him since.  Today we went to the Burlington Jazz & Blues Fest to see him perform, but unfortunately it had been cancelled due to inclement weather.  Hope your schedule is updated soon. 

We'd love to see you........... 

Tricia Clarkson – June 25, ‘08

Hi George, 

Thank you for giving me your business card but it didn't have your email address on it so I am sending this to your webmaster.   

I just wanted to thank you again very much for your great live performance for Homegrown Homes' Fundraiser on Sunday, June 22nd at The Dobro in Peterborough.  There was a great write-up and picture in The Peterborough Examiner the next day that I could send you by mail if you like.  I also took three really great pictures with my Pentax camera that I could send you as well. 

Thanks again for such a great performance--especially the break dancing and inviting my two girlfriends up on the stage with you to sing Mustang Sally.  You are a great inspiration to the rest of us baby boomers.  I want to be just like you, George--62 going on 16!   

We raised $1,700 from The Super Summer Fundraiser that will help provide affordable housing to those in need and create awareness to our new Green, Affordable Housing 4-Plex at 220 Edinburgh St.  

I would love it if you could perform again for Homegrown Homes next year.  What a great way to start off the summer!   

Thanks again, George.  Hope to see you again soon at The Dobro.

Best Regards,
Tricia Clarkson
Research and Resource Development Coordinator
Homegrown Homes

Sharron – June 9, ‘08 

Hi George, 

Just wanted to say HI...and thank you for yesterday at the Blue Goose.  Maybe you will remember me... Sharron.  tall, blonde...geat personality... we were talking at the food-stand after your performance.  I have seen you perform many times at various places throughout TO...

Always love when you come to the Goose.  I will be keeping tabs on your summer activities and looking for place you are entertaining.  Hope to see you don't get out our way...often enough. 

Have a great summer....bye for now 


Susan Stanley – June 4, ‘08 


It's nice to see that George is going to playing close to home.  Plan to go down and see him with friends at the Chicago Diner on the 30th of June in Oshawa.  Seen him a few times when I was attending college in Toronto back in the day-so to speak, won't say what day; none of us want to date ourselves to we?  LOL

Anyway, was always a class act.  Looking forward to re-living the experience of seeing Mr.Oliver-LIVE.

Thx and regards,
A fan,
Susan Stanley

Sue Herdman – May 6, ‘08 

Hey George!!

Checked out your website again and would love it as a personal friend if you autographed a copy of you "live at the Bluenote" cd.  I will forward a cheque tomorrow and hope you and Pat and kids are well? Living in Ajax now, saw you are coming to Pickering ...  right on!!!

Sue Herdman

Phil King – April 7, ‘08

 Saw you yesterday at Chaps in Burlington, having been a fan back in the 60's and 70's.  

While the place is still building and needs to draw bigger crowds, I was really impressed with your voice and showmanship. I see you're playing the Carrigan later this month and will be sure to come by...I'd love to see you play to a bigger, more energetic crowd. 

It's nice to see your level of talent and professionalism regardless of the venue. Jimmy's band also did a great job! 

Phil King 

Cheryl – April 5, ‘08

Hey George:

I'm new at this computer stuff so couldn't connect directly from your site.

Wow, where do I begin.  How bout' 1963-65 at the Mimicombo?  I went roller skating every Sun. afternoon and of course "The Five Rogues."  Sometimes with Shawn Jackson I believe.  Remember pin-stripe stove pants?  I had a bad family life so I really looked forward to Sun.   You guys were awesome.  I always like R&B, my Mom played Ray Charles all the time.

I moved to Peterborough, Ontario in 66'.  Low and b ehold you guys now the "Mandala" played at the Memorial Centre.  I was so proud of you guys going to LA with "Opportunity"

So very sorry to hear about Dom.  He really had a great career. Very talented guy!

I see your playing at the Dobro in Ptbo.  I live way out in the country now about 60 miles from Ptbo but I will try to make it.  You must have a connection with someone there? 

Just wanted to let you know you guys were part of my past and very good memories.

Truly yours

Allan Svensson – March 27, ‘08 


I found your Website by Yahoo!  And I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ.

Welcome to visit my Site.
Allan Svensson, Sweden

Brooke Carole – March 23, ‘08 

Technology! What happens when you google people?  I just stumbled upon this site and voila.

Cheers from "Carcky" 

Mary Shibley – March 4, ‘08 

Hi George,

We sure miss you Women's week at Blue Mountain, it's just not the same without you. So many of the women that have been skiing Blue for years still remember you and Bobby at the Inn dancing to your renditions of James Brown, Righteous Brothers, Jackie Wilson, Wilson Pickett and Sam and Dave. 

Some of us are trying to get together to come see you on March 21, I didn't realize that that was Good Friday but we shall see what we can do. 

Take care now,
Mary, a good friend of the Yodel Ladies

Jan Alan Henderson – Feb 24, ‘08 

Dear Sir, 

Forty-one years ago, I saw you and the Mandala on stage at the Hullaballoo.  Needless to say, it made a tremendous impression on my friends and myself, and we tried to catch all of your shows when you and the Mandala would come to Los Angeles. 

I later found out, after the 1966 engagement at the Hullaballoo, that the band's strobe light had been unaccountably taken from you, the one that Mellow Camello Palumbo had built especially for the Mandala.  The next year you came to town, I arranged to have your strobe light returned to you, and was successful. 

Those were great days, and you and the Mandala provided the sound track for our youth. 

My question to you is, I have read on the Internet and heard through friends that the Mandala album containing the two singles for KR Records has been available on CD.  I have scoured the Internet including eBay and (which is wehre I obtained some of this information) but have been unable to find it either in cyberspace or in record stores.  A couple record store owners tried to look it up for me, but got nowhere.  I would imagine from this information it would have been released in Canada, and that no domestic US release has taken place.  Have you any idea where I might obtain this, through a Canadian dealer or website?  My copies of the singles and LP have long since worn out! 

Thank you so much for your consideration in this matter, and I hope that your musical career is ongoing and successful, and rewarding for you as well. 

Thanks for all the great music. 

Jan Alan Henderson 

Daniel Sneddon – Feb 23, ‘08 

Hello George –  

I was wondering if you ever hear from the other members of the Mandala – Joey, Don Elliot, Whitey Glan?  Also I know you did a couple of shows in the past with Grant Smith.  Is he still performing? 

It is just amazing how long you have been in the business and what a book you could write on your experinces.  I hear you have a very extensive scrap book.  I look forward to seeing you at one of your shows soon. 

All the best to you and your family,
Dan Sneddon, Waterloo

Dorothy O’Brien – Feb 22, ‘08 

I was so-o-o-o disappointed that I missed your performance at Dobro in Peterborough Feb. 10th.  When I saw your name as special guest for the event, I got so excited.  You see, I was one of those crazy teenage girls who used to follow the Mandala and the Rogues ( I think that was the name of your other band ) around Toronto in the 70's ( was it really the 70's? ).  

That's when Dom Troiano (sp?) was your guitarist ( awesome ).  I have a fond memory of seeing you at the old Simpson's store in Toronto ( really ? ) and when you traditionally tossed out your white satin tie to the girls in the crowd, I caught it at the same time another girl did.   

Of course we 'fought' each other for it ( more like a tug of war ) and had to be separated ( not violent, I assure you ).  We each ended up with half of the tie.  I kept that thing for the longest time!  I still have one of your old 45's ( not sure of the title - I'll have to dig it out of the moth balls - couldn't play it anyway - no turntable and no insert for 45's ).   

Sorry to ramble on down memory lane.  I'll seriously have to check  out your current stuff.  I still love R & B and blues here in Peterborough now. 

Dorothy O'Brien

Daniel Sneddon – Feb 21-22, ‘08 

Hello George, 

I was on Ebay last night and there was a poster on the Mandala listing from a trade magazine in the states introducing your first single record reease from 1967.  Very interesting … 

It is for the release of Opportunity, it is stateside.  It is from the photo you used in the group for promo.  When you joined Markowitz as “The Mandala.” 

Dan Sneddon, Waterloo

Frank Jaehne – Feb 5, ‘08

 Hello George,

It was a bit of work to research the internet finding out the "head" behind "Natural Gas" - an lp I have heard the first time this noon and was very impressed.  What happend with the other members?  Couldn’t find any infos about them.

With best regards
frank / germany 

Jim Marsh – Jan 28, ‘08 

Hi George,

Saw your concert at Greenbank on Saturday night.  Man, what a show!  You still got it, George, I’m still stoked. You must be livin’ right. 

Keep on truckin’! 
Jim Marsh 

Mike Spivey – Jan 4, ‘08

 Hey George, glad to hear your still kicking up the stage dust and beltin' out the tunes.  Your god daughter says hi and is now the mother of 2.  Write me at 

Mike Spivey 

Bill Robinson – December 5, ‘07

Hi George, I just heard a performance by the Montréal Jubilation Choir. Have you ever performed together? If not I think it would me a perfect match.

Sharing wonderful inspired music. 

Bill from Hamilton
(Old buddy of Neil Nickafor) 

David and Maureen Williams – December 2, ‘07 

Hello George,

Thanks for a rockin’ good night at Thom Vincent’s birthday bash.  We’ve always enjoyed seeing you since the Club Bluenote days, and you’ve retained your fantastic stage presence still.  We were looking on your website for any upcoming performances in January or February.  What do you have planned?

Warm Regards,
David and Maureen Williams 

Sonya Esquijarosa – Nov 29, ‘07

Hi George: 

Really enjoyed your performances at Roc 'N Doc's and at Louisiana's in November.  Thanks for doing the splits!!! 
Will you be performing anywhere on New Year's eve?  Thanks. 

Sonya Esquijarosa
Assistant to Barbara Miller and Stacey L. Stoneham
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Barristers & Solicitors
Patent & Trade Mark Agents
Toronto, Ontario
Tel:(416) 868 3500, ext. 2338
Fax: (416) 364-7813

Muriel Hutchinson – Nov 28, ‘07

George, I loved our night out at the Rock 'N Doc's.  Look forward to seeing you at the Joso's up in Blue, get it booked.   

Signed your ever loving Generator Fans.

Nicholas Jennings – Nov 27, ‘07

Thought you and the George Olliver website readers might be interested to know that Shakin' All Over: Canadian Pop Music in the 1960s, the documentary that aired last year on CBC featuring George, Domenic Troiano and countless other Canadian stars past and present, comes out on DVD commercially on Dec. 11, with plenty of bonus interviews and a portion of sales going to MusiCan, the music education charity of CARAS.

Here's the link: 

Please spread the word! 


Eva Yang – Nov 26, ‘07

Hi George

Thanks for a wonderful night, you have a great voice .... I hope to see you at another venue in the future.

With regards.
Eva and Marian.......the  blond  sisters.....
Lousania Grill

Rick Barber – Nov 19, ‘07

Please send my compliments to George, we saw him in Montebello Quebec in the summer and he brought back some great sounds and some beautiful memories.  I had a chance to talk with George at the event and he is still a great guy to chat with. We discussed recording a Gospel song I had written, if George would like to explore the song please give him this e-mail address or call direct to my cell.

Best Regards,
Rick Barber
Cell: 416-456-1498

Mike Hillsley – Nov 13, ‘07 

Hello George - 

We all had a great time hearing you and the gangbusters on Sunday afternoon at the Liquid Lounge in Brantford. The place was jammed to the hilt and you put on a superb show, full of energy, impressive moves and first-rate songs performed by first-rate musicians. 

Keep up the good work and keep us informed of your schedule and location of up and coming gigs. 

Best Regards,
Mike Hillsley 

Italo Marti – Oct 31, ‘07 

Hi George,

The first Time I heard you was with Mandala  back in the 60’s I was in High school…at that time ….That band  Rocked..... it was ahead of its time…….The last time I saw Mandala was    In  1969 at the Hawks Nest…..Dominic was playing this  sanded down telecaster  hooked up to a Lesilie……..Awesome sound….I will never forget it.    Keep playing for the Lord……….He’s  coming soon….. 

God Bless You

Bob Kane – October 27, ‘07 

Hello George;

I haven't heard any of your songs in a very long time.  Are you the same band that recorded" Loveitis"?  I seem to remember that was one of my favorite songs.  It's great that you have found the LORD.  My wife and I are both Christians.  I gave myself to the Lord a while back and that's the best thing that anyone could ever do.  May the Lord bless you and your family and your singing career.


Daryl Auwai – Oct 15, ‘07 

Hey George,

Haven't seen or heard you in twenty years. Sure do miss the Blue Note days!

Daryl Auwai,
Whistler, B.C.

Ted Zahara - October 5, ‘07

Hey George.

Just had to drop you a note to tell you how much I am enjoying the "Live at the Bluenote" CD (acquired at the recent "Bronte Autumn Fest" ).  It was great to reminisce with you about the early days of the 5 Rogues performing at the "Michael Power Soul Crusade" back in the mid 60's!

Thanks for the years of TERRIFIC entertainment!  I hope to see you perform again real soon. (Perhaps at next June's Oakville's Summer Festival with a bigger stage worthy of your presence!).


Justin Colyn – October 3, ‘07


It was great to work with you guys last weekend.  Hope we are able to cross paths again!

God Bless,
Justin Colyn 

Bruce Jenney – Sept 30, ‘07 

Hi George,

We worked together back in New York at Trude Hellers I had a band Soulosophy.  You has Natural Gas.  I just found your record album in my basement and was wondering what you were up to.

Bruce Jenney 

Shirley and Al Durk - Sept 29, ‘07 

Hi George

My husband and I enjoyed the Fall Fair concert in Bronte to-day. We talked briefly to you about the Chick'N'Deli & The Bluenote and bought the CD. On returning home, we checked your website and were pleased to see that you are a Christian brother.  Praise the LORD!

Perhaps we will take in one of your Christian concerts later in the year. 

Shirley & Al Durk 

Charmaine Voisine – Sept 17, ‘07 

Hi George, 

I would be most interested in being added to your guestbook of future (Christian) Gospel performances that you do in the Durham Region.... 

I have downloaded a few of your MP3's.  George, just in case you were uncertain of which Charmaine this is writing to you below <gr>.  I am Charmaine from DandCVideos :) 

Always in HIS name, 
Charmaine :) 

PS Keep in touch
*Pickering Village*

Dan Sneddon – Sept 13, ‘07 

Hello George, 

I just finished listening to your George Olliver and the “Natural Gas” release.  What a great band that was, with Graham Lear on drums, who went on to play in Santana. 

The material stands up very well and “Leaders of the World” should be an anthem for world peace “today” …  I see the “Natural Gas” album at collector’s shows from time to time.  Big $$$$ bucks for a good copy.   

Hope all is well and I will see you soon at one of your live shows. 

Dan Sneddon

Dan Sneddon - Sept 7, ‘07 

Hello George, 

I have a complete press kit from your “Mandala” days.  There is an extra copy of the introduction of the band.  I got it on a visit to California from a fellow that used to work at the Whiskey a Go Go.  Let me know if you would like me ot send you a copy for your scrap book. 

All the best, 

Dan Sneddon / Waterloo 

AutoMaster Centre – Sept 4, ‘07

 Thought I heard George Oliver was going to play on the segwuan or the other boat out of gravenhurst? Please reply as if we have to get tickets we would have to get them now....Thanks 

Karen Forrest – Sept 1, ‘07 

Hi George how are you?  This is Karen Forrest and I just wanted to see how you were doing?  Sorry that we haven't come to see you lately but I've been busy with my new grandson.  If you could please start sending you schedules to my email instead of Bob's.  

Karen Forrest 

Lee Anne and Herb – Aug 16, ‘07 


I have been searching for a long time to find a CD of Live at the Bluenote, George Olliver and Gangbuster.  My husband and I have the LP but couldn't find it in CD. So I am ordering it and can't wait for it.  This is so exciting, now I can even find out where you are playing online.  Thanks so much for so many years of great tunes. 

Lee Anne 

D&C Videos – Aug 15, ‘07 

George we wanted to know if it would be alright since we have been using a song you sang at the Pickering Village Jazz Festival where you sang the words "living in Canada" in our videos as an intro to place your name in the credits as well as your website with permission so that people on the internet would know who the performer is.  Let us know and thanks. :)

David and Charmaine 

Dan Ferguson – Aug 6, ‘07 

Hi George, 

I sent you an e-mail the other day but should have included my e-mail address. You mentioned you have re-mastered the Natural Gas album when I saw you in Quebec last week. Please let me know when the CD's are available and I will order one.


Dan Ferguson
Woodbridge, ON 

Maureen Higgins – Aug 2, ‘07 

So, when are you coming to the left coast to play?  I was a regular at the Blue Note and it would be pleasurable to see you play
again.  No, this is not that famous singer that lives in Victoria.


Dan Ferguson – Aug 1, ‘07 

Hi George, 

I had the pleasure of seeing you at Montebello this past Monday night. You voice sounds great and it was so good to hear you live again. As mentioned when we spoke after, I will order your Natural Gas CD and re-live some fond memories I have of that great album. 

Happy trails,
Dan Ferguson

Woodbridge, ON 

 Angelo Alfini – Aug 1, ‘07

It was a pleasure being on stage wiht you in Montebelo Quebec.  Thanks again.

Andy Holly, British Beat 66 

David Spencer - July 27, '07

Hello George:

I heard you sing at MissionFest Toronto in 2007

We are writing an online history of Canadian Christian musicians and media workers. Our project is called  You are invited to list. It's FREE!  To join visit:

In Service for Jesus,

David Spencer, Project Leader
Connecting Canadian Christians with a heart for music ministry

Who is David Spencer?

Mike Maguire – June 18, ‘07 

Hi George:                    

 It was great to see you at the Lake Simcoe Arms on Saturday night.  Diane and I always enjoy your shows and look forward to your visits between sets, It's nice to be able to sit and talk to you.   It was well worth the long drive to Jackson's Point from Newmarket via Wasaga Beach after a long and hot day doing the car show at Wasaga Beach with the Corvette.

You had asked me if I could send you a better photo for your website of you and Gang Buster with my Special Events Corvette Pace Car which was taken
at the Classic Cars and Legendary Stars Concert.   I'm now sending that to you.

Diane and I would like to THANK YOU for all the GREAT MUSIC over the years.

Stay well George.

Your Friend
Mike Maguire


Joseph Sarino – June 02, ‘07

Yes, time passes but our music will never die , when my kids comment "live bands at a school dance" I could only nod.  I spun records between sets at Neil McNeil  high school  and Notre Dame dances, thanks for those memories, they  will live on … God bless.  

Joseph Sarino

Hugh Duff – April 1, ‘07 

Hi George ,just wanted to let you now your gig for Kenny Koekstats retirement party in Windsor on April fools day was awesome,everybody really enjoyed themselves "BIG TIME"  I was Ken"s OPP partner for six years ,what a send off!!!!  thanks again and stay well.

Hugh Duff

Ted Lennox – Mar 25, ‘07

 Ok, I’m old, but I still remember some fantastic music. I remember George Oliver and the Soul Children. I think it was Neil McNeil High School in the Toronto Beaches. This must have been in my early youth, some 35 years ago. George had a huge band, if I remember 6 or eight horns, and he came in from the back of the auditorium in a white jump suit, white cape, black light flood light and he and the horn section played and danced to black light and strobe lights like the devil themselves was running the show. What a night, I’m a little foggy as to who else was on the bill, might have been the Byrds, I remember a blind singer with the other group who fell off the huge stage.  

I remember all the old bands, the Mandalla, Lighthouse, SweetBlindness, Bush, The Marktimes, anyone remember the old battle of the bands at the old “Broom and Stone”, at the corner of Lawrence and Midland Ave. Each night 3 big name bands side by side in what use to be a curling rink, I think.

 Thanks for the memories.  

Ted Lennox

Nick & Laurel Dougherty – Mar 15, ‘07 

Great show on March 9th at Louisiana (Brampton).  It was a pleasure talking with you about days gone by.  The Live at the Bluenote CD is great!  It's a treat to hear the full Gangbuster sound and the voices of Shawne Jackson, Roy Kenner and Jayson King again. 

You mentioned you might try to come and see my band perform.  If you're not doing anything on Saturday, April 14th, Cold Duck is doing a benefit in Orangeville at the Manora Park Pavilion with some good guest artists and some of your (and our) old fans.  We'd love to see you there. 

We hope to see you again soon. 

Nick & Laurel Dougherty

Doug Barnard – Feb 25, ‘07 


 Still coming down from your amazing Tribute to James Brown show at Burlington's Boston Manor, Feb. 24th.  I've got to tell you again what I told you that night.  I was fortunate to see James Brown twice, at the top of his game in the 1960s.  As  good as he was, I still think you and the rest of the Mandala were as good musically and packed way more of a punch.  Why the band didn't reach stardom back then- must have been very frustrating for you guys - it certainly was for all your fans.  And yes, if there is a recording of the band's live performance, you should post it as an MP3 file - if there is not enough material to make into a CD.   All the best, George.  Keep on singing and doing the moves and we'll keep coming to see you. 

-Doug B

Mike Maguire – Feb 20, ‘07

Hi George:

It's Mike Maguire from Newmarket, just like to say how nice it was to see you again in Newmarket.  Diane a I
had a great time and danced all night and thanks for doing Try A Little Tenderness.  

Your Friend
Mike Maguire 

David Millar – Feb 14, ‘07 

Hi George,

Nice to see you today.  It's been a while.  I'm a fan from the Mandala days.  I'd appreciate being on your email list, so I can find out about upcoming shows.  Thanks,

David Millar

Marilyn Carter – Jan 28, ‘07 

I am hoping you will come again to Hamilton as last year you played down the street from me and the tickets were sold out so I didn't get to attend.  I remember you playing at the Broom and Stone in Scarborough. I still have your single "Give and Take".  Unfortunately, I didn't catch your tie when you threw it!!!!!

Marilyn Carter 

Bonnie Mills  - Jan 28, ‘07 

Hello George and Gangbusters,

It was a true pleasure hearing you for the first time.  What I have missed!!!  At least my husband, Rob could remember how great you were and still are. Can't wait for my ankle and leg to heal so I will be able to dance to the greatest dance tunes around performed by you. Thanks for the CD, Caught Away, can't wait to listen to it.

We will be following your schedule and will try to see you whenever you are in our area.

Blessings to you and your family.

Rob and Bonnie Mills, Hamilton, Ontario 

Paul Ledger – Jan 16, ‘07 

Hi George,

I hope you remember me.  My name is Paul Ledger and I am the drummer who played along side of you on New Years Eve at Rob and Gabi’s in Jackson’s point and at the Lake Simcoe Arms last October.  I must say it was a pleasure to drum for one of Canada’s top performers. I knew your brother Brent (who will always be in our hearts) and also went to Earl Haig Secondary school in Willowdale with Don Elliot’s brother Bill.  I hope that I can get up to see you again at Lake Simcoe Arms again this Saturday.  Maybe you need some help with your equipment,lol.  Anyway, I just moved to Oshawa and I know that you live in Whitby so if you ever need a helping hand in the drumming side of your act, don’t hesitate to call me. 

Paul Ledger 416-278-0930 

Wendy Hunter – Jan 9, ‘07

 Hi George, 

I just wanted you to have a look at the "Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival".  It is a festival that takes place every August in the summer for one weekend.  It is a great weekend filled with so many different artists.  Take a look at the information.  You can look it up under Roots and Blues Festival Salmon Arm sign up.  I just thought you might be interested.  Many well known artists come here, so you would be in good company. 

You would also have a place to stay if you should decide to come here.  It is also a family festival, quite different from the Merritt festival. 

I enjoyed looking at your web site and reading about your career and family. 

Your sister-in-law,
Love Wendy