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George Olliver has found "a new way"!  He has been singing, performing and writing music for decades.  His contribution to the Canadian music industry has been vast and mostly goes unrecognized in today's music scene.  After leaving his home base at Club Bluenote (which was resurrected by Geo. in the early eighties), he and his wife Pat decided to adopt two children from eastern Russia through a Canadian Christian organization called Mission of Tears.  This was a fantastic experience for them, and a further incentive for George to continue writing and producing inspirational music (r&b gospel) for his new record label RAPIO which is the Greek term for "the catching away." 

"There are a lot of Rock and Blues bands around, but no one seems to be doing much r&b/soul here in Canada", says George.  "But history comes around, and lately it seems there’s a revived interest in classic soul.  It’s not just a nostalgia thing, though.  We get people of all ages coming out.  Really, great music is timeless, and a good song is forever", confirms Olliver.  "I've now currently put my new r&b gospel ensemble, Caught Away with Geo. Olliver (12pc) together and will be performing in theatres and festivals in the coming months.  I'm sure this gospel presentation will remind some people of my Soul Crusades of past."

"After all these years George is just as ‘dangerous’ as ever,
with utterly astonishing energy and moves many a performer
not yet born when Mandala ruled T.O.’s stages would envy." - John Taylor

In the sixties George Olliver fronted legendary group MANDALA, which shot to pop stardom with their Canadian hit records, "OPPORTUNITY" and "GIVE & TAKE."  After leaving the band George was known not only as a dynamite showman, and vocalist, but as an accomplished song writer as well.  George's self produced album DREAM GIRL, was nominated for a JUNO AWARD in the late eighties.  His credits are numerous:  Co-founder of THE BLUENOTE (Canada's #1 one R&B nite-club), producer/arranger for several video and radio commercials, with clients such as, Old Firehall Sports, Blue Mountain Ski Resorts, Dominion Textiles, Schneider's and Tim Horton's to name a few.  With eight singles and five albums to his credit, George is a mainstay in the Canadian Music Industry.  In 1992 he turned to prayer and not long after had a visitation from the HOLY SPIRIT.  GOD instructed George to raise a MINISTRY OF MUSIC.  In the new millennium, George is an active member of Carruthers Creek Associated Gospel in Ajax, near Toronto, and has recorded a CD called "Live at Unionville Alliance", which is now available through this site.

George Olliver started singing in the choir at a small Anglican Church in Willowdale, Ontario and also taught Sunday school there in his early teens.  Unfortunately he left the Church in favor of a style of life that brought him everything but happiness and fulfillment.  But now, George is a saved Christian and is ready to go into battle for Jesus Christ with his music.  He has finally come full circle from his Church upbringing.  Praise God - may the circle be unbroken!

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